AVAYO unshielded RJ 45 8P8C Key Stone Jack, designed for fast and easy snap-in and out of face plates, patch panels and floor box outlets to support for all present and future Local Area Network applications. These jacks are designed in 90° or 180° formation and are available with back interconnection of 110 IDC blocks in T568A, T568B pair assignment.

Applications and Standards


  • Supports all present and future LAN applications up to 100 MHz

  • Comply with ANSI/TIA-568-C.1, C.2

  • Comply with ISO/ IEC 11801

  • UL 94 V-0 rated, LSZH construction. 

  • 90 degree and 180 degree angles.

  • Optional dust protect cover

Configuration and Physical Characters

Wire Size: 22 to 26 AWG solid or stranded
Type: T 568A & T 568B

Housing Material : Flame retardant plastic material, UL 94 V-0
Jack contact material: Phosphor Bronze
Coating: Min 3 mm 50 micro inch gold plated over Nickel plated

IDC Terminal material : Phosphor Bronze with min. 50 micro inch tin plated.
Insertion Force : 900 gm for 8 contacts
Retention Strength : 7.7 Kg between Jack & Plug
Angle Type    :  180° and 90°
Operating Temperature:  - 10°C to + 60°C


Electrical Specification

Insulation Resistance : 200 Mega Ohm
Dielectric Strength :  DC 1.0 KV, 1 min
Current Rating : 1.5 A Max.
Voltage Rating : 72 Vdc Max. 
Velocity of Propagation :  67% – 69%
Contact Resistance: 20 mOhm (Max)
Input-Out put Resistance: 200 mOhm (Max)


Ordering Information

Part No. / Description / Packaging / Color

AVE-SC5eKJ-01WP / UTP Cat 5e key stone jack 180° / 01 / WHITE

AVE-SC5eKJ-01PF / UTP Cat 5e key stone jack 90° / 01 / WHITE


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