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AVAYO unshielded 2 to 200 insulated, color coded, copper wires twisted in to pairs, cabled together and over all jacketed with PVC or with halogen free compound, designed to support for all category 5 requirements.

Application and Standards

  • Supports all present and future category 5 applications 

  • Telephony voice wiring, 10 BASE-T, 100 BASE-T4 

  • Category 5 according to ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-A 

  • Category 5 according to ISO/IEC-11801


Configuration and Physical Characters

Conductor Material : Bare Copper

Size : 24 AWG

Diameter : 0.510 mm

Insulation Material : HD-PE

Thickness : Minimum at any point 0.14mm, Maximum Average 0.17mm
Diameter :  0.84 +_ 0.03mm
Colors :  Multi color coded
Twisting Lay Length (mm) : 21 Underneath
Cabling Lay Length (mm) : 130 Underneath
Jacket Material : PVC compound or LSZH Halogen free flame retardant.
Thickness : Minimum at any point 0.47mm, Maximum Average 0.50mm
Colors : Light Grey RAL 7035

Pulling Force : 100 N Maximum

Short Term Bend Radius : 8 X OD mm
Long Term Bend Radius :  4 X OD mm
Operating Temperature : - 20°C to + 60°C
Marking on Jacket : AVAYO / cable description/meter mark

Electrical Specifications

Insulation Resistance : 5000 Mega Ohm/Km
Resistance Unbalance : 2% Maximum 
Capacitance Unbalance : Max. 500 pF/100m
Mutual Capacitance : Max. 56 pF/Km
Dielectric Strength : DC 1.5 KV, 1 min
Voltage Rating : 72 Vdc Max.
Velocity of Propagation : 67% - 69%