AVAYO 8 insulated 4 color coded, copper wires twisted in pairs cabled together with a rip cord, over all wrapped with an aluminum foil and then jacketed with PVC or with halogen free compound, designed to support for all present and future Local Area Network applications.


Applications and Standards

  • Supports 10G BASE application on 100m channel 

  • Ideal for VoIP and IP video up to 650 MHz.

  • Augmented Category 6 according to ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 

  • Category 6A according to ISO/IEC-11801


Configuration and Physical Characters

Conductor Material : Bare Copper
Size : 23 AWG
Construction : 0.575 ± 0.01mm

Insulation Material : HD-PE
Thickness : Minimum at any point 0.15mm, Maximum Average 0.23mm
Diameter : 1.0/1.02/1.08/1.06+0.0-3mm
Colors : Blue White/Blue, Orange White/Orange
Green  White/Green, Brown White/Brown

Individual Shield
: Unshielded
Overall Shield : Aluminum Foil
Drain Wire : Rip Cord

Jacket Material : PVC compound or LSZH Halogen free flame retardant
Thickness : ± 0.05mm
Diameter :   7.4±0.05 mm
Colors : Blue/Green
Pulling Force
: 100 N Maximum
Operating Temperature
: -20 °C to +60 °C
Marking on Jacket : AVAYO / cable description/meter mark
Short Term Bend Radius :  8 X OD mm
Long Term Bend Radius :  4 X OD mm

Electrical Specifications

Characteristic Impedance : 100+_ 6 Ohm
@ 1-650 MHz

Conductor Resistance : Max. 9.38 Ohm/100m at 20 0C
Resistance Unbalance : 2% Maximum
Capacitance Unbalance : Max. 330 pF/100m 
Mutual Capacitance : Max. 560 pF/100m
Spark Test : 2000 +_ 250 Vdc
Voltage Rating : 72 Vdc Max.
Velocity of Propagation: 74%


•           Copper System

o          Copper Cables

o          Face Plates

o          Keystone Jacks

o          Patch Cords

o          Patch Panels

o          Telecom

o          Copper Accessories


•           Fiber System

o          Cables

o          FTTH Cable

o          Adapter

o          Pigtail

o          Connectors

o          Patch Cord

o          Panel

o          Fiber Splitter


•           Rack System

o          Supreme Series

o          E - Series

o          Rack Accessories

o          Outdoor


•           Raised Floor System

o          Cement Panel

o          Wood core panel

o          Calcium Sulphate Panel

o          Perforated Panel

o          Raised Floor Accessories


•           Data Center System

o          D - Series Rack

o          Containment System

o          Roof Panel

o          Doors